This page provides an easy to follow pricing structure for my photography services and information on what you will receive for that cost.  My pricing strategy comes in two parts.  The first is if you need to hire my services as a photographer and the second is if you would like to purchase any of the images you see on my pages.

Hiring my photography services

The cost of hiring my services as a freelance photographer varies on the type of photography you require.  As a guide, there will usually be 1-2 hours editing time for every hour of photography and all usable photographs are provided to you in electronic format at a size suitable for web, social media & small prints (higher quality images that are suitable for large prints can be requested at an additional cost).  Please see release statement for information on how the images can be used.


£50 gives you 1 hour on location, up to 2 hours image editing, a selection of the best images in electronic format, access to a personal on-line gallery for download.

Image enhancement

Image enhancement, repairing old photographs, etc. is charged at £25/hr. Alternatively, a block of five hours can be purchased in advance at a reduced cost of £100.


The cost for this service comes in two parts, which incorporates the standard package and the premium package. Please click here to visit the wedding page for more information.

Purchasing my images

Most of the images on my pages are available to be purchased for personal or marketing purposes. If you are hoping to resell any of my images, please contact me so we can negotiate a price. How to purchase my images:

1 - Find your image(s)

Preview my images in the 'my work' page or directly through my flickr albums and make a note of your preferred image (stock sites will be available soon).

2 - Contact me

Once you have found your image(s), please contact me so we can make sure the image will meet your needs. Payment method and release statement agreed.

3 - Delivery

Once the payment has been received, the images are made available by email, cloud storage and/or usb with the DB Photography release statement.


The cost of your image(s) will depend on the quality you require and what the image is going to be used for.

♦  Watermarked: £5
♦  Best: See my stock page

Release statement

All photographs, whether purchased individually or taken during a photography shoot is the property of 'David Brown Website Design, Imaging & Photography' and are subject to copyright. If required, a release statement will be provided giving clients the rights to use the photographs for marketing purposes. If the purchased photographs are to be sold or provided to a third party for reselling purposes, please contact me so a new price can be negotiated.