Digital Imaging can be used to enhance / manipulate any images that you intend to use on your website, logo, banner, letterhead, business card or personal needs.

However, when using images for your business needs, it is important to ensure the images you use do not belong to someone else (i.e. copyright protected).  It is very important that this rule is followed, as using information without the owners concent may lead to prosecution.  Indeed, all images that have been used on the web sites I have created, include either my own images or images that have been provided by the individual website owners.

Of course, digital imaging goes beyond image creation / manipulation for businesses needs.  I have been involved in the creation (scanning) and repair of many old photographs, some of which have been faded, ripped, torn and even badly marked in house fires, floods, etc.  Existing photographs could be enhanced so they appear sharper, lighter, darker, grayscale, black & white, etc.  A selection of possible imaging options provided by myself include:

  • Image creation, such as logo’s, banners, letterheads and montages
  • Lighten, darken or sharpen existing images
  • Adjust colouration on existing images
  • Crop or re–size existing images for website or printing purposes
  • Conversion to GIF or PNG format to add transparency to backgrounds
  • Apply special effects, such as filters or layer styling
  • Remove dust, folds, scratches or tears from old photographs

Due to the nature of this service and the uncertainty that regards the amount of work that may be needed, costs will vary and can be negotiated during the initial consultation.